Bourke defense rests

He didn’t take the stand, which is standard advice from defense lawyers, but always a disappointment to jurors. It’s been hard to find much coverage of this trial, what with more important matters like Michael Jackson’s fatal drug overdose, but from I could glean, I don’t see that the prosecution had much to begin with and didn’t develop much as the trial progressed. Closing arguments next week, then the verdict, so I guess we’ll see.


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15 responses to “Bourke defense rests

  1. Mistake

    Bourke should have testified. He will regret that decision. He is a charming guy who the jury would have believed. Big mistake. Hope he reconsiders while there is still time. I think he could have tolerated cross examination well. Fingers crossed more for his family than anyone. Speak up! Don’t sit on your hands.

  2. Silence!

    Fred Bourke is mum – no stand time since cross exam by prosecutors would highlight his earlier conflicting testimony to them about this mess. He would not be believable and keep stepping into prior lies. Bourke has always been his own worst enemy. That fact finally caught up with him. He is fun to talk to over red wine. But over a jury and Courtroom – that is another party.

  3. objective

    I am far from an expert, but, I am going to make a bold statement- the case turned out to be not very interesting. The Compelling player is Kozeny – and Bourke – a weathly Greenwich guy who like most of us has friends and enemies. Big Deal – but, it was not covered because the Feds did not make the case. They just did not – if something goofy happens in the end – bourke will appeal and at worst – he will succeed. Kozeny is the fish – Bourke is just bait no matter how polarizing he is…. I am very optimistic for his success in this – maybe I am not so objective after all.

  4. appeal

    this guy should start warming up his appeal legal team.

  5. Walt

    Dude –
    MJ did not die from a drug overdose. It was food poisoning. They found 2 twelve year old nuts in his mouth. So quite making him out to have a drug problem. Bad PR for our Neverland venture.
    Your Pal,

  6. Walt

    Dude –
    A few more houskeeping items on Project Neverland. This is important. So take the friggin donut out of your mouth and pay attention.
    Anyway. I got up early and was practicing my Moonwalk. I got it nailed, Dude!! You should be practicing, too. So I had CNN on, and they were at Neverland interviewing some Santa Barbara politico chick, who said they would NEVER allow the zoning changes. That is just political speak for “Who ever wants to turn this into an amusement park is going to have to grease a lot of palms”. So obvious. Pathetic.
    Anyhow, that means we need Frankie Futter to step up. Tell him to call the head P&Z honcho over there, and find out how much each particular zoning varience is going to cost us. If he ask’s Frankie what his going rates are in Greenwich, DO NOT TELL HIM. Or tell him a lowball number.
    Better yet, tell Frankie to get some Greenwich attitude, look down his nose, and tell the guy we don’t work that way in Greenwich, and act all pissy. Frankie can act pissy, right? If not, show him how Dude. You have that base covered.
    The guy will know Frankie is lying, but he will expect and respect that. He is a politician for Pete’s Sake.
    And tell Frankie not to use the word bribe. Call it an honorarium, or some crap like that. I need a budget ASAP on this one.
    Now you, Dude. Secure the chimp. I am thinking it’s better to drive than fly down. Go get some chimp food. What do they eat?
    Banana’s, or am I guilty of stereotyping? Dunno. Figure it out Dude.
    After you get the chimp, don’t let him out of your sight. You will probably have to stay overnight somewhere, so plan in advance, and find a chimp friendly hotel. You are going to have to sleep in the same bed with him. Don’t worry, he is used to it. But if I were you, I would keep one eye open.
    I know it’s a lot for you to do, so write it all down. And make sure you don’t come back with Bubble’s stunt double Dude. You load.
    Off to BREAKFAST!!!
    Your Pal,

  7. Rests

    Defense rests, like they are tired now after a vigorous defense? That was one lame case.

  8. From Russia With Love

    This rich guy sounds like a James Bond. Flying around in private jets, Aspen, Greenwich, Maine, yachts, Ford heir marriage, strange bedfellows around the world, spotted in a jaccuzi with a lawyer,
    ski instructor “life partner”, witnesses with handlebar mustaches, testimony from Hans, fashion world, handbags, Trump Tower outlet, silver spoons!
    Where is Q when you need him? Did M authorize this international caper?

  9. holiday

    Bourke may be spending his last days on the Seal Harbor waters, enjoy it while you can, but don’t come back with a massive tan, the jury will notice and you’ll get the max.

  10. calm ? after storm

    This F A Bourke Jr family must be looking forward to the calm after this storm. When the weather clears, will Fred be sitting in a quiet cell? or back on the yacht?

  11. Dodd Supporter Ms. Harvey
  12. objective

    This Prosecution rests – and this is a thin case at best. No smoking gun, the two that testified against Bourke for the government did not even support the gov. claims. I think in the end, Mitchells testimony will tip the scales in favor of Bourke – the fact that he was willing to testify – and in essence support Bourke on this one will mean more than the Farrell who has a record and was covering his own skin to curry favor – same with Bodmer- We will see.

  13. Watching

    No smoking gun and you have to wonder why Chernoff ran away at high speed from delivering the closing argument. He smells a disaster but will the jury bring able to see the many reasons not to take the stand, or just hold it against Bourke?

  14. objective

    I can’t help but agree with watching- either it’s just a poor case or poorly prosecuted. I do not see the thrust – very anti – climatic ending for such a compelling story.

  15. Glad

    I flew Bourke in his Falcon N326FB. It has of course come to light regarding Viktor and the Azeri oil. His house was a stone through from Viktor’s in Aspen and the two had an intimate knowledge of one another. Bourke absolutely conspired and knew of the bribaries. He is on tape with two lawyers that turned on him. The law seems clear and the conspiring is crime. On a personal note, I am glad carma has come around on this scumbag. His greed and stupidity finally caught up with him. Viktor will probably sit out in the islands and Senator Mitchell (co-investor) will walk away scott free as Obama’s boy.