Dealbreaker reports Mark Madoff sighting

One of the two worthless sons was seen acting like an arrogant asshole in Nantucket this week. I wonder where he learned that behavior? More important, why does he still have the use of stolen money to spend on Nantucket and when will he joining his dad in Otisville for a manners course?


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3 responses to “Dealbreaker reports Mark Madoff sighting

  1. John in Derby

    This is rather typical behavior for this class of person.

    I have imagined the father-son talk about business which may have taken place when he was a curious young shaver, it goes like this…”So Dad, how is it exactly that we make money? Easy my boy, some rich flunky gives us ten million bucks, we cash the check, then we are pretty much done except for the paperwork.” How could it have been different?

    I support another 150 years in prison for the remaining Madoff family members, dumb as they are, including the two “compliance officers” Isn’t that rich? They actually had “compliance officers” I love it. Hang ’em high.

    Then let’s move on to the feeder funds and later, if time permits, Goldman Sachs…..

    Sorry Walt, the clock is ticking…


  2. pulled up in OG

    How convenient!! Jerry Springer’s only 5 minutes away now.

    “Police have been called to the [Brant] estate to intervene during three incidents, including the Babnik scuffle. They were also called out days after Babnik was arrested and issued Seymour an infraction ticket for creating a public disturbance after police said she allegedly took a different security guard’s keys and threw them in the bushes.”

  3. pulled up in OG

    Jerry’s new studio even convenient for Sanford & Sons.

    Much shorter hop up to HPN, no passport req’d, don’t have to change money, and a helluva lot closer to the Appalachian Trail. He’ll surely puke crossing the Mason-Dixon and not the equator, but they got bags for that.