First half activity, by district

Single Family Homes. Active as per 6/3009, sales 1/01/09 – 6/30/09

GR: 505 active, 61 sold, $445,000 – $16.500 million

CC: 71 Active, 29 sold, $525,000 – $3.8 million

RV: 91 Active, 21 sold, $722,500 – $12.8 million

OG: 92 Active, 18 sold, $570,000 – $2.2 million


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4 responses to “First half activity, by district

  1. Cos Cobber

    what happen to OG and the theory that this new market was going to reward the big houses on small OG lots and punish big houses on big back country lots?

    OG tops out at just $2.2mm during the first six months of 2009..Yikes….is this theory dead yet?

    Too early to definitively say just yet. Interesting none the less.

  2. Retired IB'er

    So active for sales total 759 units. Sold units over first six months was 129, which means an average of 21.5 homes.

    So months of inventory is 35.3 months. That sounds like an awful lot of months and not indicative of a sellers market.

    Note: Numbers of months inventory would be lower assuming June sales I assume.

  3. Wally

    Given the magnitude of the meltdown we have been through, this is actually fairly impressive.

  4. Anonymous

    CC you mean those OG McMansions that nobody wants?