First it was hot coffee, now machetes!

Proper thinking Englishmen outraged that 15-year-old boy purchased a machete over the Internet. Good Lord. By the time I was ten I was busy cutting down trees in our backyard with an axe, and I’m quite sure I brought a machete home from Puerto Rico when I was twelve. My misadventures thereafter had nothing to do with being exposed to sharp blades as a lad and I suspect England could survive this onslaught too. Or it could have a generation ago.


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2 responses to “First it was hot coffee, now machetes!

  1. Fish out of water

    Interesting. Growing up in South Florida, machetes were easily available. You purchased your in Puerto Rico. Is it a Hispanic thing? I can’t find one anywhere in Connecticut!!

    • christopherfountain

      Well in Pureto Rico, they were ubiquitous because of the sugar cane. Not too much of that here in Connecticut but still a useful tool for whacking brush.