Price cut

80 Birch Lane80 Birch Lane. Bought for $1.385 million in 2002, town 70% assessment $1.578, first price in March ’09, $3,295 million. New price today, $2.495. Getting there.


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6 responses to “Price cut

  1. BackCountryGal

    Is the 70% rule unique to the Greenwich market or are you hearing from Fairfield sister towns, and into Westchester, that it applies there as well?

  2. Helsa Poppin

    Has it been majorly improved since it was last sold? Even the newer lower LP seems grossly high in light of the 2002 price.

  3. anon

    $2.5mm should buy you a much nicer looking house than that teardown pictured… Does the realtor that listed it honestly think any buyer would waste their time? Probably not – he/she is just hoping they will have the listing when it eventually sells for $1.2mm.

  4. Jane

    Loneliest man in Greenwich is the realtor currently sitting at the Open House on Beechcroft waiting for someone to arrive. Went by twice in one hour. No takers.

  5. pulled up in OG

    Dormers designed by Diamond/Baratta?
    Or maybe some other clown.

  6. 1.9 mill

    people were paying TOP dollar in 04 around 1.9 mill. for that kind of place … bet that is where this one is headed