Sex offender in Old Greenwich!

Police arrested one David Weil, a former financial advisor convicted of doing to a fifteen-year-old client what his peers do to older clients with impunity, at that hotel on Shore Road. I assume this is the guy, reported back in 1996 in the Daily News. Sam, “Why can’t I ever shut up?” Romeo was the first to chime in on this incident, as reported by Greenwich Time.

The arrest of a registered sex offender found staying in a Greenwich hotel has proponents of a recently voted down child safety-zone ordinance convinced their proposal needs to be law.

“This definitely makes our point,” said Sam Romeo, a chief proponent of the child safety ordinance and chairman of the Community And Police Partnership for the eastern end of town.

“We are no different than any other municipality in the state. We are vulnerable and we were trying to take an extra step of caution,” Romeo said. “Kids come first.”

Look – the guy was in a hotel, not at the beach, so Sam’s anti-loitering ban would have no effect. Furthermore, if the Daily News article is correct, Weil’s obligation to register as a sex offender lasted ten years and so should have expired three years ago. Romeo doesn’t want sexual predators in town – who does? But this says nothing about the merits of his proposed ordinance.

(Reached for comment, blog reader Front Row Phil denied holding any position on the issue and in fact denied he was speaking to this reporter at all. “You’re just making this up,” he said, “I’m here at my house having a cup of coffee with my Congressman Jim Himes and you’re wherever you are, typing up imaginary conversations. Get lost!” )


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2 responses to “Sex offender in Old Greenwich!

  1. Front Row Phil

    Thank you for quoting me correctly.

  2. Anonymous

    This is not the case of a sex predator. It was a consensual relationship with a professional model who appeared considerable older than her age and was certainly not in school.