So what’s the story with 58 Dawn Harbor?

A number of readers are curious how this came to be sold and so am I. It showed up today on the MLS marked “for reporting purposes only” meaning it was never really listed but the firm wants the credit for the transaction, and the “asking price” is shown as $14.5 million with a $12.8 million sales price. The former is just nonsense, of course, but was $12.8 a good price?

Without knowing more than the bare recital of the sales announcement, I’d say it was. Two good agents, even if they work for the same firm, each representing his and her client’s interest, should have produced a satisfactory deal.  In better times ‘d have expected to see this house sell for more but these are not better times.

Still, I’m surprised at the relatively low price this went for. 88 Cedar Cliff, right around the corner with beautiful water views but n0 frontage, sold direct for $11.750 to someone who proceeded to tear it down. Pilot Rock, waterfront with a view of 58 Dawn Harbor, sold for $10 million something six months ago and that house, too, is probably not long for this world. In that same association, the Mackey’s place, a pre-fab, is asking $12 and change for what is essentially waterfront land, period. It’s entirely possible this sale was made to a friend or neighbor or the seller simply didn’t want to complicate his life opening it to strangers. He might have gotten more if he had but he’s pocketed his money and moved on, which is never a bad result.

To answer one reader’s concern, fret not – I’m sure the agents managed to get paid their commissions. It’s touching that you worried, though.


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3 responses to “So what’s the story with 58 Dawn Harbor?

  1. elmst

    58 Dawn harbor is some kind of inside deal, the owner’s have plans for a new pool and have not yet cancelled

  2. Walt

    Dude –
    So you screwed around all day going to open houses, and looking at properties you have no shot at selling. I hope they at least give you a donut at these things, so you did something productive.
    Do you ever wander the house, hide in a closet, and when another agent opens it up to look in, you scream at the top of your lungs and scare the piss out of them? That at least seems like some fun. Just wondering. That is what I would do.
    Anyway, while you were dicking around all day, I did some real work. And this is a big deal. I tracked down BUBBLES!!!!!
    Dude – this seals the Neverland deal. It is a can’t miss. We got the monkey, the Filly’s are good to go on the white Horse Drawn Horsey ride, and I am going to reach out to Papa Joe about getting planting rights on MJ!! We ROCK Dude. Well I do, anyway.
    I was wondering, do you think we have a better chance with Joe, if we tell him we plant the kid next to a hot dog stand that only serves cocktail franks? Or stick to regular sized weiners? I think the cocktail sized franks may work. I will continue to noodle it before I call him.
    You, Dude – go get the Chimp. And if you are driving, stop over for some pampers. Don’t drop the ball on this, you load.
    Your Pal,

  3. Wally

    This is a beautiful house, substantial and very high quality construction, built about 5 years ago or so. Sold for the first time by the family that built it about 3 years ago for $12.5M. It already has a very nice pool, is set high with great views. No dock however. An exceptional property.