The tax man leaveth

As reported here yesterday, this will be Lou Caravella’s last term as tax collector. So far, Walter Noel has yet to take up this blog’s suggestion that he run to replace him but he’s probably giving it deep thought. The $95,000 salary may not keep the creditors away from 175 Round Hill but it would afford a nice Byram rental and a few rounds of drinks at the RHC.

In the meantime, Lou will be missed.

Affectionately known as the “Mayor of Cos Cob,” Caravella has perennially been a top vote-getter for his party, appealing to Democrats, Republicans and unaffiliated voters alike. He has rarely been challenged.

“All I can say is any town where the most beloved official is the tax collector, that’s got to say something about Lou Caravella,” said Frank Farricker, a Democratic Town Committee leader who is charge of recruiting candidates for municipal office.

Next time I see Frankie Futtericker, I’ll point out that if the most popular elected official in town is the Tax Collector, it’s possible that the other pols running the town are really, really hated. Just a possibility, but ….

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  1. fred

    chris why dont you run for the job….at least you’ll get some decent health insurance