First step to getting rich: don’t buy this book

Here’s a winner: The Ivy Portfolio will teach you to invest just like Yale and Harvard do with every bit as much success as they’ve enjoyed.

Product Description
A do-it-yourself guide to investing like the renowned Harvard and Yale endowments.

The Ivy Portfolio shows step-by-step how to track and mimic the investment strategies of the highly successful Harvard and Yale endowments. Using the endowment Policy Portfolios as a guide, the authors illustrate how an investor can develop a strategic asset allocation using an ETF-based investment approach.

The Ivy Portfolio also reveals a novel method for investors to reduce their risk through a tactical asset allocation strategy to protect them from bear markets. The book will also showcase a method to follow the smart money and piggyback the top hedge funds and their stock-picking abilities. With readable, straightforward advice, The Ivy Portfolio will show investors exactly how this can be accomplished—and allow them to achieve an unparalleled level of investment success in the process.

With all of the uncertainty in the markets today, The Ivy Portfolio helps the reader answer the most often asked question in investing today – “What do I do”?


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9 responses to “First step to getting rich: don’t buy this book

  1. Walt

    Dude –
    Your first step to getting rich is listening to Uncle Walt. Take a look at this:
    Now add contacting this guy – Pável Talaláyev – to your to do list. Quit whining. It will all be worth it in the end.
    Plus this kid will probably work for free!! Plus he has to be bat shit crazy, so he will be a lot of fun, and fit right in!!
    Your Pal,

    PS – Stay on top of Frankie. I can only judge him by the company he keeps, so if you don’t manage him, he will dick around all day. Like you.

  2. Retired IB'er

    You know how much you need to retire? 50% more than you have!

    So the theory of being “rich” is quite simple. Spend less than comes in.

    Putting into practice is more difficult as it requires self discipline.

    Being “rich” is all about controlling “wants” in my experience.

  3. greenmtnpunter

    Wonder how much these genuises had with Bernie? Bernie via FFG Walt?

  4. BackCountryGal

    Retired IB’er,
    Are you my husband using an alias? Instead of whispering sweet nothings in my ear, I hear IB’ers mantra from my better half. Spend less than comes in. Spend less than comes in. Spend less than comes in. Honey, did you say something? I can’t hear you, I’m on my cell, coming out of Prada. Bad connection, I guess. Click. 🙂

  5. B Ladow

    Read the book before you judge. The endowments are only the first part of the book.

    Faber & Richardson published a method in 2007 that would have avoided the bear markets of 08 and 09.

    • christopherfountain

      Yes I saw that afterwards and will correct it. Sounds like a very interesting book.

  6. Retired IB'er


    I’m lucky, my wife is even more careful with her pennies than I am.

  7. anon

    Didn’t Obama go to Harvard?

  8. BackCountryGal

    Retired IBer,
    I was just funnin’ with you. I’m wicked smart with money and never never overspend. My husband worked decades to earn it for us and I wouldn’t dream of shopping it away. Well, okay, maybe I dream a bit.