Mary Crist has a good day

Two of her listings were reported sold or under contract this morning. 51 Glen Street was listed by another broker in 2007 for $1.499, a testament to the power of a dream, but Mary finally got hold of it, in May of this year, listed it for $989 and now has a contract. The assessed value is $931,000.

14 Stepping Stone was bought for $1.740 million in 2006, completely renovated and placed back up for sale in March, 2008 for $2.350 million. Again Mary succeeded into the listing and priced it lower, albeit still higher than the falling market would support. Price dropped to $1.999 and the house sold yesterday for $1.850. That’s probably not enough to cover the cost of the renovation but these days, I think that’s a given and just something sellers have to accept.


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4 responses to “Mary Crist has a good day

  1. Front Row Phil

    I’m not impressed with Mary Crist’s good day.
    Does she have a blog?

  2. Christ

    Are you sure you spelled her name right? This woman is single handedly raising the dead (real estate market). Are there witnesses to this miracle. Pass her name on to the Pope for Sainthood.

  3. those in the know...

    Those in the know will tell you that Mary is an incredible hard working person who never ‘drops the ball’. You would be lucky to have her represent you. My experience is that she was very thorough, with an attention to detail that most of us only dream about. Always good humoured, precise and professional. So there!