Maybe Jim Himes will have time to read this

Here’s what I’ve bee squawking about, but this fellow says it better. From Hot Air.

We’re not simply looking at an increase in income taxes under Obama. The cap-and-trade monstrosity passed by the House amounts to a titanic tax increase on both consumers and virtually every sector of the economy, since almost all economic activity consumes energy. (If you like the idea of $6 per gallon gasoline, you’ll love paying $7 per gallon for milk at your local grocery store.) A value-added tax is being considered, which would pour another layer of concrete on top of a nearly paralyzed retail sector, and likely put an end to the Internet shopping boom, at least for American companies. I doubt it would take long for the government to institute a surcharge in the VAT tax for Internet purchases, since they are currently escaping state taxes, and that’s not “fair.” Like all other tax increases, a Value Added Tax will produce less revenue than anticipated, because it will depress the very economic activity it was designed to feed from. New taxes always produce less revenue than the government predicts, spawning further tax increases to make up the difference.

In a way, the notion of “tax and spend” is becoming obsolete, because Obama’s plan is to complete the re-definition of the relationship between citizens and their State. Prior to the 20th century, the American government was run something like a business, gaining its income by selling land, and services such as protection from piracy, through taxation on trade. When the direct taxation of income was made legal through the Sixteenth Amendment, the idea was to treat government as a necessary expense, borne by the wealthiest caste of Americans, to ensure the welfare of the most desperately poor. As tax rates increased, more working people were added to the tax rolls, and ever-larger benefits were paid out by the government, the relationship between citizen and state changed from welfare to socialism – which begins when the people paying for the benefits no longer control them. The modern liberal’s belief that anyone who desires lower tax rates is guilty of “greed” is a deliberate expression of this altered relationship. The people paying taxes have no moral right, and increasingly no practical means, to determine how much money will be assessed or paid out. The only legitimate factor is how much money the government thinks it needs, and can get away with appropriating.

Under Obama, a final transformation is taking place: the government no longer sees itself as an expense borne by its citizens. Instead, the citizens are now seen as components of the State. If the State decides to follow the religion of global warming, the citizens will be made to pay tithe, no matter what their personal beliefs are. If the State thinks only its wise stewardship can “save” the financial industry, banks will be forced to accept government money and controls. If the State believes private health insurance is not inexpensive or comprehensive enough, it will create its own insurance program… and force everyone who does not participate to subsidize it. If the State decides an auto company must be kept in business, for the benefit of a union that has essentially become a component of the State, then all other Americans will be compelled to finance that auto company. People joke bitterly about being forced to buy cars from Government Motors someday, but the situation is far more outrageous: we all work for Government Motors already, through hundreds of dollars in subsidies extracted from our tax payments. Depending on how much you earn per hour, you’ve spent ten or twenty hours working for GM this year, and they’ll probably conscript you again before the year is through.

We are passing through the outer boundary of the era when your contributions to the government can be described as a mere “tax.” Taxes, mandates, and state-run industries all add up to one thing: control. Our destination that was made inevitable when the government was allowed to begin seizing portions of Americans’ income, instead of collecting fees for essential services it provides. It’s a course that was locked in when the recipients of welfare were allowed to retain the right to vote, creating the vicious cycle of an ever-expanding dependency class that accrues more political power as it demands more benefits. Now we’ve reached the point where simply paying “welfare,” as it has traditionally been understood, is a small fraction of bloated state and federal governments. The Obama government does not even pretend to limit itself to assisting the destitute with the bare necessities of survival. It believes it has the right, and responsibility, to provide prosperity… and to trade away however much of our prosperity it thinks is necessary, to achieve other ends.

Conservatives have often taunted liberals with the infamous slogan of Marxism: “From each according to his means, to each according to his needs.” The Obama concept of government is better understood through a different quote: “Everything inside the State, nothing outside the State.” The author was Benito Mussolini. He meant what he said. So did the people who voted for the cap-and-trade bill.


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10 responses to “Maybe Jim Himes will have time to read this

  1. anonymous

    Media doesn’t focus enough on elevating state and local income tax burdens in nearly all major states except TX

  2. Hu Nhu

    Homes has shown no signs of independent thought so far. Don’t hold your breath.

  3. greenmtnpunter

    I believe that the threshhold of rebellion is fast approaching. What I do not want to see happen is Democrats back off just in time to escape the executioner in 2010 and 2012. They need to go, the whole bloody lot of ’em.

  4. Towny

    -vat will work because of inflation.

    -DC govt is in self preservation mode, everyone else be damn’d

    -cap and trade will pass, as all the mechnics for brokerage have been set up already. Heck, Obama whilst a trustee at Joyce Foundation, provided the seed money for the Chicago Climate Exchange.

    -Which by the way is the only legally binding greenhouse gas reduction and trading system for North America and Brazil. They have effectively commotidized pollution.
    -And not for nothing but, Generation Investment Management, an investment firm founded and chaired by Al Gore owns the majority shares (10%) of the Chicago Climate Exchange. * Should be noted that when ALGORE started GIM, his co-founder was none less than Hank Paulson.

    -cant clear a trade without going through Gore and company.

    -Chicago Climate Exchange also has a subsidiary for pollution futures options and contracts.

    *should be also noted these new commodity exchanges are Self Regulated.

    Al Gore and cronies get rich on Global Warming…….GO FIGURE!

  5. Towny

    Its happened everywhere else in past 50 years. It CAN happen here.

    When govt stops representing the majority…..its over.

    • christopherfountain

      The scary part, Towny, is that the government is representing the majority, its just that they’ve turned the majority into blood-sucking leeches who are now turned loose to feed. Until they run out of prey and turn on themselves.

  6. Cobra

    Chris–perhaps you can enlighten us as to the effect this bill will have on the real estate market and, specifically, what will happen when we try to sell our homes.

    As I understand it, the socialist lizards now running the show in DC have managed to insert provisions in the bill that will require a home owner to first have his/her home inspected by government-certified examiners to assess the energy efficiency of the structure.

    If one’s insulation , windows, HVAC, etc. do not conform to lofty minimum government standards, the homeowner will be required to perform dictated “upgrades” before the home can be sold. Of course, we will be taxed excessively on the costs of such home renovations.

    As almost none of the sheep who will vote on this bill have read it, I suspect some of the less corrupt Demobama legislators (can’t think of any at present, but give me a few days) may be in for a high-voltage shock once they see the effects this pile of steaming ca ca will have on their constituents responsible for getting them in office.

    Indeed, the revolution will occur. Perhaps that’s why the Socialist In Chief and his slippery weasle friend Rahm will soon achieve their objectives of banning ownership of firearms and taxing the hell out of any ammunition sales. Nothing worse than an armed citizenry when the defication hits the rotation.

    • christopherfountain

      I’ll look into that Cobra – I wasn’t aware of that proviision (maybe Jim Himes is) but a similar provision in Texas is killing sales there, I believe. Oh, whoopie!

  7. Riverside Roger

    I’ve lived in Europe for many years and had my purchases of some items subjected to VAT rates of up to 25%…
    The introduction of VAT in the US will kill the retail sector for the first 5 years until people get used to paying the extra tax..

    Let me sell my retail stocks

  8. rosy-o

    Matt Taibi asserts that Goldman Sachs has engineered every major market manipulation since the Great Depression, and that they are about to do it again–Global Warming. BNN interviews Matt Taibbi here: