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What Constitution? We have Obama.

U.S. / Russia arms treaty too important a problem to wait for niceties like the U.S. Constitution so Obama will just ratify a “treaty” and by -pass the Senate.

Alright, liberals weren’t concerned about their man nationalizing the automobile industry, the financial services industry or, coming up, health care, because it was all for the good of the nation and imposed by the One. Does violating the Constitution’s provisions on treaty ratification matter to them or is this, too just an arcane,obsolete idea in a time of crisis?

If you’re a liberal and having trouble seeing why this is so scary, try this mind exercise: Dick Cheney has committed the United States to a treaty with, oh, I don’t know, Ukraine? calling for us to station 500,000 trops there and to attack the Russians if they come near Ukraine’s border. Cheney says the matter is too urgent to submit the matter to the Senate so he’s suspending the Constitution until such time as he and McChimp find it convenient to restore it. Alarmed, or happy to have the country in such good hands?

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