Finally, a solution!

What to do with one hundred unsold spec houses, all sitting out in the weather and deteriorating as they’re lashed by the rain and baked by the sun? Some genius has come up with the answer: shrink wrap them! The king of shrink wrapping has moved on from encasing boats in plastic and now proposes to shrink wrap vacant Florida condos. You buy it cheap, wrap that sucker up and wait five or ten years until the next wave of lunatics shows up. Way cool.


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4 responses to “Finally, a solution!

  1. It’s going to make showing the units a challenge.

  2. wiseguy

    Where’s Christo when we need him?

  3. pulled up in OG

    Plenty of owner-occupied dream boats in need of a good wrappin’ too. Unzip after probate.

  4. Old School Grump

    Yikes … last time I checked, mildew wasn’t a cash crop. But wrap a house that has a basement or crawl space in tight plastic, throw in a few puncture holes from misguided varmints looking for shelter, bake in the sun for a few months, and you’ll have quite the yield. Listen closely; you can almost hear the black stuff growing behind the sheetrock.