It is to laugh

Health care bill far too long for House members to read it, laughs Democrat.

Barney Frank to introduce new Consumer banking bill that’s too long for anyone to read (of course, it hasn’t been written yet, either).

Connecticut’s own, Jim Himes, is all for it – everything. “Okay,” the freshman Goldman Sachs firee admitted today, “I didn’t read the Stimulus Bill or  the Energy Bill before voting for them and I sure as heck ain’t gonna read these, but I don’t have to – my leaders tell me what to do and I trust them completely. I came to Washington to hang my brain by the door, follow orders and get promoted, and that’s exactly what I intend to do, so screw off.”

Himes then cut the interview short to go boating with the Coast Guard on Long Island Sound.


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6 responses to “It is to laugh

  1. NHRR

    I called Himes’ office the other day and the aide who answered insisted that he’d read the entire cap and trade bill before he voted for it. Time to move to the [independent] Republic of Texas!

    • christopherfountain

      I wonder how he managed that when the extra 300 pages, added minutes before the vote, required a complete reworking of the riginal 900 pages in order to be understood. I suppose it’s easier when you’re an illiterate.

  2. Stanwich

    Ok, so can we talk politics for a momemt. Perhaps this topic deserves (ongoing) posts by our illustrious blogger as we get closer to election day.

    Lin Lavery, dimwit de jour, Junior League mommy and all-around nice lady with no credentials is running for First Selectman!!! The last time we tried this path we ended up with Lolly Price who barely knew how to balance her own checkbook.

    I like Peter Tesei personally, but more importantly I know he is the more capable first selectman by far. He has been on the RTM and run the BET for many years so he knows all ins and outs of town government. And even though he didn’t cut deep enough for my taste, he has proven he is willing and able to cut back this monster we call Town Hall. I for one would love to see a reduction in real estate taxes instead of these annual increases but dreams are exactly that, dreams. Peter, if you are reading this, cut our taxes and preserve a balanced budget and we’ll make you Consul of Greenwich for Life.

    Lin Lavery might be a nice person, but so is the greeter at the DMV, it doesn’t mean she should be running the place.

  3. ff

    That’s a charming way to preface a political argument, Stanwich, with “dimwit du jour”. I also think that the world turns upside down when a Republican touts years of service government and no real private sector achievements as a positive qualification to run Greenwich. Plus, your representation that our budget is balanced is as questionable as your assertion that Peter is willing to cut back on the “monster we call Town Hall”. Who ran the BET when we doubled our entitlements, and increased our Town budget by 120% from 2000-2006, resulting in the mess with pensions and payroll? Why that would be Peter.

    In my view, Peter can’t make an independent decision on anything substantive, and can’t say no to anyone. If you are reduced to unsubstantiated attacking of his opponent’s niceness as a weakness without the facts, I’d appreciate you trying to get some of the facts right with your own candidate. Keep this going and you’ll stay the course into the gutter with our flailing schools, multi million dollar budget deficits, embarassing money-wasting school building projects, national black-eye wiffle ball tournament flip-flops, “for it before I was against it” cell phone towers and much more.

    Read up on Lavery’s accomplishments rather than eat the RTC’s political line in full.

  4. Greenwich Gal

    Oooh – smackdown!

  5. Stanwich

    Ok FF, I’ll take the bait.

    Peter worked in the private sector for BNY most of his career — perhaps that doesn’t count as private sector in your book because they took TARP money. Now I don’t know if by “acheivements” in the private sector you mean “make lot’s of money” but hey, we all have different standards of achievement. As for the increases in town spending, lest you forget the BET is split between Republicans and Demoncrats so don’t heap all the blame on Peter.

    I couldn’t help but notice that you focused on the inconsequential (wiffle ball episode) and over-arching (big gov’t, failing schools, etc.) issues. One issue has no material impact on life in Greenwich (yes, I said it, nobody gives a damn about the stupid effing wiffle ball thing) and the other issue is far bigger than a First Selectman.

    The main point I am trying to make is that Peter has the credentials to run a complex organization because he knows it well and he is smart. In addition, he has shown (again, not enough my my liking) that he will cut costs when/if necessary.

    Now please tell me what in the world Lin Lavery has ever done to show that she could handle taking on unions, complex financial planning and budgeting, helping put the BOE in a fiscal straight jacket, etc.

    So ripped from her very own website, Lin’s accomplishments are indeed wonderous:
    1) Glenville School PTA (community service)
    2) Greenwich Library Board (community service)
    3) United Way Board (community service)
    4) Greenwich High School PTA (community service)
    5) Hortulus (yeah, a gardening club!)
    6) Commission on Aging (not bad)
    7) Junior League (“where she was introduced to hundreds of women…” — do I even dare make fun of this, too easy)

    Being a do-gooder is nice an all. Knowing a lot of people is great for throwing parties. But where the hell is the vaunted private sector acheivements you seem to hold in such high regard? Besides community service, Lin’s resume is razor thin on credentials. So go ahead and cast your vote for the nice lady, but make sure you kick yourself in the nuts at the same time because that’s essentially what you are doing.