Jim Himes: I don’t care what’s in it, I’m voting for Obama Care!

Turns out both versions of Obama Care, Senate and House, contain provisions for billions of tax dollars to be spent on farmers’ markets, park lighting and walkways.

Jeffrey Levi … said that “it is easy to satirize’’ the projects, but they are needed to improve America’s health.”

Oh, we’re beyond satire by now and well into tragedy. But remember, to speak against Obama is to speak against America, so button that lip. Jim Himes has, and he’s glad he did!


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4 responses to “Jim Himes: I don’t care what’s in it, I’m voting for Obama Care!

  1. Peg

    Surely they should add in a few billion for bridge.

    Mental health prevention, doncha know?!

    • christopherfountain

      Talk to your Cogressman, Peg. Or try our own dolt, Jim Himes – he refuses to read anything in any of these bills, so what’s a few extra bilion for bridge? Tell him it’s for a Connecticut bridge tournament and he’ll assume that, although he’s never heard of steel girders holding a tournament,it must be worth something.

  2. ljsosa

    Mr. Himes other priority (from a July 6 press release from Blumi’s office) :

    AG Richard Blumenthal and U.S. Rep. Jim Himes today […] issued warnings and tips to consumers buying gasoline.

    “Unfair prices and other pitfalls at the pump can be avoided by consumers who proactively shop around and protectively check the math. Consumers can save dollars and help stop fraud by checking posted prices against rates actually charged, making sure the price dial is initially set at zero, shopping competitively, and other common steps. http://www.ct.gov/ag/cwp/view.asp?a=3673&Q=442990

    What’s next, advise on buying tp?

  3. Anonymous

    Himes must go.

    When he isn’t busy stealing our children’s money, he wastes time on this kind of stupidity.