Someone’s buying

Two contracts today that took me somewhat by surprise or will if, as I assume, they sell for close to their asking price. 25 MacArthur Drive, asking $1.490 is under contract. The owners paid $1.45 for it in 2007 but I’d given up expecting to see a sale in that range in Havemeyer for awhile. Yet, there you are.

And 8 Beechcroft, purchased for $3.6 million in 2004, is reported pending today at its latest asking price, $4. 7 million. To be honest, I didn’t see improvements worth $1.1 million in this place and expected it to sell closer to its 2004 price than this, but obviously some buyer saw value where I didn’t. Good for him.


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2 responses to “Someone’s buying

  1. J

    Very strong number for Macarthur. Can’t believe it sold for even close to asking