What could possiby go wrong?

Out of work? Can’t pay your mortgage? Underwater on loan to value? How about we taxpayers stepping up to the plate and paying that bad ol’  loan for you? Barney Frank thinks it’s a great idea, and to object would be traitorous. Besides, it’s just a loan, secured by your worthless house, so when prices come roaring back, everybody wins.


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3 responses to “What could possiby go wrong?

  1. anon1

    Let’s add up the good news: increases in state income tax, NY commuter tax, federal income tax, sales tax, property tax, sin tax and new health care tax. Of course I want to be taxed to pay for someone’s mortgage, too. Do you think we work selfishly for our own family? Heck no. This is a great idea, Barney!

  2. Anonymous

    This woman was right on in this popular clip from the campaign…

  3. Anonymous

    But the $35,000 loan would only cover one month of my mortgage payment. He needs to be considerate to those of us who live in Greenwich.