Finishing school

The affable Greenwich developer Dom DeVito reports to Otisville Prison September 15th for a 51 -month stint of R&R. Bernie Madoff’s future home is uncertain (and would somebody please draw a cartoon of Bernie in his cell, marking off the days til release on his calendar?), but his lawyer is pushing for Otisville, too and now Fredric Bourke is looking at a stay, probably similar to Dom’s in length, at a similar site. Could all three end up in Otisville? Wow.

A friend of Dom’s, reflecting on Dominick and Bernie being together, said, ‘the dark intelligence of Dominick, and five years at Madoff’s knees? A monster!” He meant it as a compliment, I think. Imagine if Ric Bourke joins in on the tutorials – Dom’s intellect, Ric’s money, Bernies’ schemes – watch out, world.

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