There can be no rational market while Walter Noel’s on the loose

General Motors stock, destined to become worthless as the result of its bankruptcy, gained 43% today before trading was halted at 2:00 p.m. Experts profess bewilderment at the phenomenon (which actually happens all the time down there in the canyons) but as one pointed out, “someone’s making a lot of money on this.” It’s cruel to say so after he’s become such a friend of this blog but I did mention last week that Noel’s Fairfield Greenwich Group restarted operations last week, ostensibly to wind up its matters. Is it too far a stretch to imagine Walt having one more go at his Round Hill Club friends at the bar, offering them a “sure fire, can’t miss” investment opportunity?


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2 responses to “There can be no rational market while Walter Noel’s on the loose

  1. fred

    -plunge protection team has been at work all spring long……buy low-sell high, suckers

  2. Walt

    Dude –
    That is not a stretch at all. That is exactly what I am doing.
    How do you define rational markets? A market that goes up 10% to 15% a year? Never missing a beat. Yes, that is what you WANT.
    And just what Bernie delivered. It is what everyone wants. So we gave it to them. So there.
    Anyway, MJ is still above ground. Al took off, thank God. That guy can party, and talks non-stop. But I told Papa Joe Frankie can help grease the skids on the P&Z issues at Neverland. So tell him to take that finger out of his a.. and use it to dial the phone.
    Your Pal,