Uh oh, here comes global warming!

Jim Hanson, my favorite NASA climatologist and the one who promises us all certain death if we don’t stop all this nonsense right now says that the Climate Bill just passed isworse than useless“. Now, I happen to agree with him, but I thought it would be useful to send our ace reporter Edgar Martins over to Congressman Jim Himes’ office to find out if he still was proud oh his vote for the bill.

“I sure am,” said Himes. “We’ve saved the world.”

Told that Hanson says differently, Himes took a step back. “Well look, I haven’t actually readthe thing, you understand, but our hearts were in the right place, and I’m disappointed that Hanson doesn’t give us credit for that. Okay, if it won’t do anything, so what? We’re talking about billions of dollars here, all under the control of Congress. You want to breath, in the future, you have to ask for permission, How cool is that?” He winked. “And if you think we’ll funnel billions through Washington without getting our sticky little fingers on it well, I’ve got a cottage in Ireland to sell you.”


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2 responses to “Uh oh, here comes global warming!

  1. FlyAngler

    What I find distressing is that the average congressman has probably spent more time scrutinizing the butt of the young lady President Obama admired than they did reading the energy bill.