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Am I a cynic or is the New York Times being disengenuous?

The Democrats are screaming for new investigations in the Bush Administration’s wire tap programs, secret security plans and, tha old chestnut, torture of terrorists. The Times says this is all deeply upsetting to Obama because it diverts attention from his ambitious plans to save the economy, the world and our health care system. Really? Here’s another take: with all of those Obama plans facing increased skepicism, wouldn’t it be convenient if Congress can command the mainstream media with stories of that Ol’ Debbil Bush and his henchman Cheney while proceeding under the radar to install their taxes and power grab? Yes sure, the CIA killed Michael Jackson for exactly this purpose but that story is going to fade after a few months and they’ll need something new.


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The Carbon Tax will do nothing but Boxer says world will end without it

NASA’s chielf alarmist Jim Hanson said last week that the carbon tax bill passed by the House of RRepresentatives was “worth than useless” and everyone seems agreed that the tax bill will be further watered down by the U.S. Senate. yet Barbara Boxer says we must pass it if we are to save whole species, the world from drowning and cure teenage acne. We heard just about the same scare story fro Obama when the Stimulus bill was being rushed through Congress: no time to reason, we must act! Forgive my suspicions, but I wonder if the hysteria being whipped up by these folks is precisely because they know that their plans won’t stand close scrutiny.

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