Buyers around town

Lots of agents are busy these days and I’m pleased to say I am among them. Lots of offers fewer acceptances, but things are moving along at a pretty good rate considering that it’s July. 27 Ford Lane in Old Greenwich is reported under contract today. It’s new construction with waterviews and access to a dock that, at high tide, will get you somewhere. A very nice house on a good street but its first price of $4.550 million was stretching things a bit. Its lower price of $3.7 million was an improvement and enough to find a buyer.

25 Cedarwood, 2.5 acres and a burned down house, has also gone to contract. Started at $2.450, dropped to $1.995, I wasn’t taken by the land but somebody obviously likes it enough to put down some serious cash, just proving once again how much personal taste plays a role in real estate.

And that same difference in taste will, I hope, mean a buyer for this new listing at 25 Hettifred, asking $1.190 million for a 1966 raised ranch on an acre. I like King Merritt Acres well enough, I suppose, but I’m not at all sure I’d pay that much for this spot. Fortunately, I’m not a potential buyer.

UPDATE: Perhaps the sellers at 25 Hettifred learned a lesson from their neighbor at 27, which has just come back on the market, again, at $999,000. This poor house has been looking for a buyer since 2005, when it was listed for $1.695 million. My guess is that the days of King Merritt acres busting a million are past, for the time being. Even $999 seems steep to me these days.

25 Hettifred

25 Hettifred


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10 responses to “Buyers around town

  1. Walt

    Dude –
    Shoving donuts down your throat while surfing the internet does not count as busy. Just wanted to point that out.
    Your Pal,

  2. Towner

    hmm, does that raised ranch have pool or good updates that you know of? Seem like there are plenty of those style homes in cos cob or riverside available in actual neighborhoods for the same price or less..

  3. BackCountryGal

    Give us the skinny on who’s busy house shopping …….First time buyers? Locals looking to upgrade to a larger home? Speculators with cash? Goldman bonus babies?

  4. cos cobber

    Pool, Is it above ground?!

    • christopherfountain

      Per Greenwich zoning law, all pools in King Merritt must be above ground, just like in Cos Cob.

  5. Stanwich

    And all building lots in OG must be smaller than 10 X 10. And all waterfront in Riverside must be mudflats sporadically exposed to raw sewage. I tell you Franklin Bloomer has very odd land use requirements he’s been able to push through in his 172 years on the RTM.

  6. ogrcc

    yeah, who is shopping??

    yuppies from manhattan?

    rich kids?

    oh so entitled hedge fund conquerors, slayers, cheats?

  7. Mouse

    No matter how much you may want to live in Greenwich, is there a man (or woman) among you who would be proud to say “I paid over a million bucks for this place,” based on this photograph.

    A pic of a scenic above-ground pool might have helped with the bragging rights, tho.

    Anything, anything but this!

  8. cos cobber

    You know Chris, I could arrange for a landscaping, snowplowing, plumbing, gutter cleaning, sprinkler maintaining, property maintenance hell if you don’t quit it. Cos Cob maybe evolving into a retail banking mecca (oooh), but we haven’t lost our near total control on your 06878 home maintenance.