It can’t happen here, right?

The office furniture of Paul Greenwood, late of WG Trading with offices in Greenwich and Santa Barabra, California, are set to be auctioned next week. Office desks and chairs aren’t all that exciting but there are some oriental rugs that might be nice and the sale should whet the appetite of buyers for the real auction, coming soon as this fraud’s assets are liquidated. How about a 286-acre horse farm, “Grand Central”, in North Salem? Or his residence in that same town. Or, if you don’t can’t afford Westchester County property taxes (Greenwood could but only by pulling a  mini-Madoff), there’s a 1,348 piece collection of Steiff stuffed animals, estimated value $2.2 million. We all have our quirks, but I wouldn’t risk disgrace and prison for a teddy bear collection.

Will we see auctions like this for our own celebrities? Well we do have Frederic Bourke looking at an extended stay away, Mark and Andy Madoff aren’t looking so good, my pal Dom Devito is going out of town for 51 months and, of course, there’s Walter. There’s always Walter. Plus, don’t you wonder how the Antares boys are doing? I do.


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4 responses to “It can’t happen here, right?

  1. Anonymous

    hi CF,
    any idea what’s up with all the police activity at Exit 5?

    • christopherfountain

      No Quiet – I made it safely down to my office here in OG so why they’re still poking around up there beats me – they must just hate admitting defeat.

  2. Anonymous

    the missus was out driving the kids to their various activities and reported as many as 20 police cars, and many officers with long guns, obviously searching for something or someone.
    seemed spooky enough to consider leaving the office to be at the homestead.

  3. Walt

    Dude –
    How do you know Danny DeVito? Is he as funny in real life as he is in his flicks?
    Anyway, a folding card table and milk crate does not make it an office. An “office” means some work actually gets done. So quit dicking around and get Futter to call the P&Z. Poppa Joe is getting pissed at me. And he scares me Dude.
    Your Pal,