Brokers and professionalism

A client sent me this Craig’s List ad, placed by a local agent, for a unit at the Commons on the Post Road. For out of town readers, the condominium project looks like any cheap project and not at all like this picture the agent supplied to illustrate the ad:

Welcome to the new Commons!

Welcome to the new Commons!


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6 responses to “Brokers and professionalism

  1. Shoeless

    I thought the best part was the eye-catching “Owner Anxious!!” tag, which is sure to attract top dollar.

    • christopherfountain

      Shoeless, I’m still trying not to embarass her, but the same agent leased the house out when she knew it was going to be foreclosed on. In fact, this woman seems to show up in nearly every post I put up on lousy agents. Hmmm.

  2. anonymous

    Perhaps the ad should be dual-listed in the CL casual encounters/erotic services sections?

  3. Edgar

    Even where I come from, that’s called fraud!!!

  4. Riverside Roger

    Haven’t you been working with this woman for the past 2 years ????