There’ll always be a Cos Cob

Greenwich Time: happy Cos Cob peasants stomp grapes in basement, make wine all night. Doo dah, doo dah!

Harvest time on Stricklan Ave

Harvest time on Suburban Ave


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7 responses to “There’ll always be a Cos Cob

  1. Helsa Poppin

    Best line: “While it will never be confused with the hills of Chianti, Cos Cob has a rich tradition of winemaking.”

  2. Fake Walt

    Cos Cob got a lot of negative mentions this week and I’m willing to bet that Cos Cobber is looking forward to the weekend.

    off to the Exumas with my pal Johnny Depp

    Kind Regards,

    Fake Walt

  3. Stanwich

    CF, I saw the article this morning and just knew you wouldn’t resist. Unfortunately, there isn’t much in your muddled, mixed heritage that could count as a old world tradition so I will have to resort to using your profession as fodder for ridicule.|&dcpNav_GID=1544&dcpNav=|

    If you go to the following link, you will note that real estate licenses are lumped together with other such highly esteemed professions as sheet metal workers, pool & spa maintenance, hypnotist, student athlete agent, etc. The list of high flying vocations goes on and on.

    I might originally hail from Cos Cob but at least I have been working my way “up” through the zip codes. Seems you’ve been stuck in 06878 for a while, what gives?

    • christopherfountain

      Stan, I think I moved up a notch on that list when I stopped practicing law and began selling real estate!

  4. cos cobber

    Thanks for posting what really is a positive story no matter what you say.

  5. ogrcc

    Oh and Chris,

    Speaking of wine,

    can we have a report on the sidewalk sales?

    I was there yesterday and let me tell you, I wanted to puke. I thought I had died and gone to “preppy hell”.

    The mens selection of clothing or ‘fashion’ is sure lame on greenwich ave, I guess it has always been. but at least we did have the Gap and BR at one point.

    Sorry, JCrew, brooksbrothers and the like just don’t do it for me. when am I ever going to need a seer sucker suit, plaid shorts or pink pants?? Do people still dress that way at RH Walt? Oh and the vineyard vines people aren’t much better, but at least they are local boys that did well.

    Surely if you are a female there are many shopping options, but for guys there is zilch, zero, nada