Ah, the irony

Amazon deletes “1984” from customers’ Kindles. I like my own Kindle very much but this gives me pause about ordering more books for it.


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3 responses to “Ah, the irony

  1. Anonymous

    Amazon really needs to rethink their associate strategy. In my opinion it will kill their brand value. I couldn’t believe the prices some of their “associates” were charging for toys this past Christmas and that’s when I discovered that I was no longer shopping on Amazon. I was shopping on amzn and their particular brand of ebay.

    I do my best to weed out affiliates (by clicking on the “show only sellers: Amazon” button, but I still see products that are not sold by AMZN.

    That’s going to kill my Amazon shopping faster than imposing state taxes.

    Seriously, I was shopping for a specific toy that my niece loved as a toddler to give to a new toddler. Amzn listed it for $85 when I had paid ~$35 for it two years earlier so I started researching and found out the manufacturer had discontinued it due to some safety concerns (sorry Elizabeth, I had no idea it was unsafe, thank God you lived). There must have been thirty Amazon entries for this toy that had been recalled by the manufacturer and they all wanted more than retail for the product. No thanks, and it left an ick taste in my mouth.

    Amazon had a great brand name and a reputation for trustworthiness on the internet but it seems they are hell bent on destroying it.

    I don’t know how much money their “affiliates” pull in for them but I think they’re going to lose money on shoppers who no longer trust them.

  2. Front Row Phil

    “The irony,” yes. But also “the horror!” How long before Big Government decides to keep track of who is reading what? I’ve just decided to never go Kindle.

  3. Anonymous

    I was dying to buy mine, but there was a wait list for the new version. Now, I’m thinking…

    What do you think?