Did Jim Himes read this part of the health bill?

Himes’ office staff insists to callers that the Congressman read every word of the Carbon Tax bill and the Obama/Himes health care bill before voting for either. They’re lying, of course, but fine: let’s take them at their word.

So why would Himes have approved this secret huge payoff for trial lawyers as discovered by Walter Olson and his Overlawyered.com? It could have been because he got that whopping $2,000 payoff from his democrat bosses, or it could be because he really, really loves trial lawyers and admires the work they do to bring justice to the poor and wealth to themselves. Or it could be for some other reason that he’s not disclosing yet. Bah humbug.


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3 responses to “Did Jim Himes read this part of the health bill?

  1. Trail or Trial?

    Standing for Hiram, I guess.

    No need to publish, honest. I’ve made a blooper or two in your comments.

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