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Take it all back, and keep it

disgust2Business recalling cilantro.

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Maybe he was looking for cadavers to sell to medical schools

Realtor burglarizes (burgles?) homes using his keybox. In fact, this does show that those electronic keys work pretty well. The idiot junkie was caught easily when the cops compared the list of robbed houses with the electronic record of who visited when and guess whose name showed up at every home?


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I remain a skeptic on the value of staging but at least this is cheap

In California, home of the empty foreclosures, agents are turning to virtual staging for a tenth the cost of putting in real (and, usually, really bad) furniture.

We’re already doing that here in Greenwich: witness Friday’s ad for those Manero’s condominiums with a virtual sailboat replacing the Greenwich Capital building.


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Why’s everybody always picking on me?

Virginia Realtor flees to Middle East, proclaims innocence from there.

ASHBURN, Va. – A Virginia woman who became an international fugitive after being charged with running a $50 million mortgage fraud scheme, called ABC 7 News Friday to proclaim her innocence.

Diane Atari is believed to be holed up somewhere in the Middle East. Investigators suspect she fled the country just as they closed in on her.

In addition to state and federal authorities, the international crime fighting organization Interpol is after her. Wherever she is, Atari is a hunted woman. 

Atari maintains she is the victim of zealous investigators. She believes she’s been targeted because notorious, alleged conman Osama Al Atari is her ex-husband’s cousin.

Also, since her son has links to an international motorcycle theft ring, she says investigators think she’s part of a crime family. “There is no possible way that I could be doing what they have accused me of because simply I am a real estate agent — I do not do mortgage loans,” she said.

Investigators allege Atari ran a massive mortgage fraud ring, bilking banks out of $50 million in bad loans. The say she falsified employment, earnings, and credit records to get low-income people into homes they couldn’t afford.

She says her buyers are just like millions of others who lost their homes when the mortgage bubble burst.

“All of my buyers are subprime mortgages yes,” she said. “And I feel that you know they singled me out among the rest of the home buyers throughout the United States and that just simply is not fair. One person could not do what it is that they are accusing me of.”

For the moment, Atari is illuding international investigators. “I’m going to be working with my attorneys and working with the authorities to to see if we can come to a reasonable conclusion in this matter,” she said.

She will not say whether that resolution includes turning herself in to police. Atari says if she is guilty of a crime, so are the mortgage loan officers and the banks that gave the loans to her former customers.

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Ah, we just hate when this happens!

Real estate agent discovers corpse during house showing. Ogilvy agent and my friend Martha Jeffrey told me once that her father, an extremely successful broker in Westchester, was showing a house to clients when they found the (former) owner sprawled dead in his Lazy-Boy. Her dad not only dealt competently with the corpse, he sold the house to those buyers! Salesman of the century. Maybe Mark Mariani should hire him to sell Dairy road.

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