A sale and a price cut

27 Ford Lane

27 Ford Lane

27 Ford Lane, new construction in Old Greenwich, asked $4.550 million, just sold for $3.576. The builder paid $2.085 for the land in ’07, so I wouldn’t call this a home run, but it’s a nice house and I think the buyer got a fair value. ML# 72676

3 Roger Rd (Lane? Off of Baldwin Farms) was renovated and sold for $4.595 million in 2002 and sold again for $5 million in August, 2005. That buyer has now dropped it to $4.195. ML # 73134


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4 responses to “A sale and a price cut

  1. Pete

    3 Roger Drive

  2. Blog Reader

    Anonymous mentioned ‘Chinese sheetrock’ problems in an ‘in-town condo development’. Chris — where has this product been used in Greenwich?

    • christopherfountain

      Don’t know that it has, Blog. Florida and Virginia seem to have been the states where it was installed but if I hear different, I’ll let you know.

  3. Anon July 18

    Blog Reader,
    It was hearsay. I had a friend when I first came to Greenwich, who had been very sick since buying her brand new condo. She reported other residents also complaining of feeling unwell.

    I spoke to her recently, she still doesn’t live in her own home, choosing to rent elsewhere. She reported that many of the other residents had now become ill. My aquaintance/friend reported the discovery of the Chinese sheetrock. It could have been any component, but everything been examined.

    I was under the impression that her, still expensive, but lower grade, condo had been constructed by a ‘big’ developer who has quite a few developments in town.

    If you need to cut costs, where do you source products ?

    Are there any safeguards against this in law, Chris ? Is there any redress in law for the complainants ? Why is it that the powerful don’t fear bad practice ? Lucky we have you.

    If you hear any more, keep us updated, Erin!!