Ah, Baliwick!

I guess if you love Baliwick, you’re tempted not to see some of its disadvantages, like distance from town and Merritt Parkway babbling brook sounds. How else to explain the stunningly high prices asked for houses here, the reluctance to lower them and the sad, ultimate low price they sell for? !6 Baliwick, (ML # 70118) a 2 bedroom ranch with, it was claimed, a heated pool (that looked suspiciously like the Baliwicj community pool) asked $1.395 a year ago and finally sold today for $900,000. Even that seems steep to me, but maybe it does have its own private pool after all.

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  1. pulled up in OG

    Further/farther* out, how about 678 Riversville (#73116).

    Never seen a more glorious facade on a three and a quarter million dollar house.