All things come to those that wait

63 Maple

63 Maple

Asked $5.1, down today to $4.775 million. I don’t know if this will do it, what with the house being below street level, on a tiny lot, on a very busy street. But it’s a start. I have my own opinion of where this house will eventually trade but it’s probably nowhere near where this builder is so I’ll keep my mouth shut.


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7 responses to “All things come to those that wait

  1. Dan

    Keep your mouth shut? Are you losing your nerve after getting chased out of that other builders house?

    • christopherfountain

      Nah, I just ran out of pepper spray. Once the refill arrives from Cabela’s, I’m good to go.

  2. Dan

    haha – awesome.

  3. ogrcc

    Why the deceptive/cheezy photoshop picture??

  4. cos cobber

    Cabela’s? CF, you have Cos Cob taste.

    And don’t tell me Cos Cob is more Bass Pro Shop, because that’s clearly for Pemberwick.

    • christopherfountain

      I was always a Herter’s guy, Cos Cober, but they went away. Back Country is probably LL Bean and Orvis, but what’s mid-country? Or are they too busy golfing to arm themselves and chase after racoons with their Blue Tick hounds?

  5. dogwalker

    ogrcc, From your question, I take it you have not been by the house. Someone here once referred to a house attached to a garage. It applies to this thing very well. Seems to me they had enough property to set it up better than they did; but maybe I am just too partial to prominent front doors.