Follow the money

Drug companies expect to reap billions from Mexican Flu panic. Just saying …


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8 responses to “Follow the money

  1. Old School Grump

    So what? Where is it writ that Goldman Sachs is the only company that’s allowed to reap $ billions from the possibility of global distress? Yeesh, let someone else in on the gravy train.

  2. Anonymous

    Believe it or not, vaccines are not a new phenomenen. They give six to the newborn, another six a month after, and another set a month after that. Why on earth would you give the Chickenpox vaccine to your precious baby, except in order to boost profits for those who create it? I must give them credit for their marketing on this product to combat such a normal childhood disease.

    I’m all in favor of childhood immunisation, it helps my unvaccinated children avoid many diseases otherwise carried by those around them.

    Their immune system remains intact and unassaulted by the toxic vaccines and the fear of disease amongst my peers continues to be strengthened by the successful marketing as witnessed above.

  3. Anonymous

    so far this year: ~450 deaths from swine flu, ~13,000 deaths from regular flu.

    • christopherfountain

      and 995 deaths from cellphones which, according to the NYT, is the same as drivers with 0.08 BAC, which tells you something about MADD’s lowered BAC legislation – the killers are out there blowing 1.5 and up.

  4. Anonymous

    Old School Grump,
    If you think that Goldman Sachs are reaping billions of dollars from Global distress, why don’t you campaign, not for National Healthcare for all, but Goldman Sachs shares for all. (Oh, yes, they already did that! And managed to buy their way out of their enforced slavery.)

    I believe that what you say is, all talk and no action. Why not join ’em? Put your Pension plans their way. Allow them to manage your $10. You seem to believe that they know what they are doing. Let them make YOUR money grow.

    As in the words of Cramer, Buy, Buy, Buy!

  5. Old School Grump

    Anonymous at 10:35,


    It was supposed to be a funny remark which referenced the fact that GS dominates the news these days as a money machine.

    Whether it was funny or not, it certainly wasn’t a slam at Goldman. I’d be delighted to have them manage my “$10,” as you put it, but they don’t take clients as small as me.

  6. Anon @1235

    Old School,
    Sorry, misinterpreted. I’m a bit sensitive, clearly. Confused you with a troll.

    There seem many who can’t bear people being successful. My husband is successful, but after tax and the costs of living in Greenwich, we’re still poor!


  7. Old School Grump

    Hi Anonymous,

    Yep, friends!