Good lord, even the Wall Street Journal’s been infected

Here’s a “news article” that discovers that pay above a certain level is exempt from Social security tax (for the excellent reason that benefits are capped so low that even the pretense of this being a savings plan is demolished) and confuses that fact for the cause that Social Security is going bankrupt. No examination of spending, just a philosophy that all we earn is rightfully the property of the government and anything that escapes its grasp should be returned for redistribution. You expect this stuff from the Times, but the Journal? Dear God.


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2 responses to “Good lord, even the Wall Street Journal’s been infected

  1. Old School Grump

    When all was right in the rag world, you could read the WSJ in the morning and the NY Post on the way home in the evening, and feel you’d covered the waterfront. Now that they’re both owned by the same guy, it’s not the same deal. And when he starts going daft, we’ll be rudderless. (or at least I’ll be.)

  2. Anonymous


    You shouldn’t be surprised. The WSJ has always had journalists who were indoctrinated at the very left leaning Columbia School of Journalism. They go right from CSJ to the press…leaving no time to experience the real world.