Marriage, Iranian style

Turns out – who knew? – it’s illegal to execute virgin girls under the mussleman religion. But there are wicked girls who must be killed, so what to do, what to do? Easy peezy, fella. “Marry” them to a prison guard who rapes them the night before they’re killed. No fuss, no bother and the law has been obeyed. i love these guys!


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5 responses to “Marriage, Iranian style

  1. Lorin

    I just watched the graphic novel/animation film Persopolis, ( instant download on Netflix). It deals with this horrfic reality in Iran. It’s a great work and very watchable as well as instructive. Some ideas are not only wrong, they are super bad and need to be fought to the death….Hmmmm…..

  2. anonymous

    I doubt the story is true. JP, anonymous sources, one country (Israel) trying to ignite passion for war against Iran in another (USA)…..

    This is the same BS that got us into Iraq. Americans seem to fall for it every time.

    • christopherfountain

      I’ll admit, anon, that the JP doesn’t inspire complete confidence, but when they Taliban can behead 26 schoolgirls for attending school, I can believe almost anything these horrible people are accused of.

  3. dogwalker

    anonymous, You draw a parallel with Iraq, but there it was alleged weapons of mass destruction. That’s a little different from virgins being raped. For better or worse, the US does not seem to get very riled about the mistreatment of women . . . certainly not enough to start a war.

  4. Anonymous

    For better or for worse, human rights do not completely steer our foreign policy. Horrified as we may be about the Taliban’s human rights violations, we continue to maintain friendly relations with countries like Uzbekistan, where they boil political opponents alive, and Pinochet’s Chile, where tens of thousands of dissidents and their families were “disappeared” while American governments stood idly by.

    It cannot be denied that we can tolerate human rights abuses when the governments committing them are not deemed a threat to our larger geopolitical interests. Just a point worth making in light of the (justified, expected, morally appropriate) outrage displayed in reaction to the Taliban’s crimes against humanity.