See Andres? It’s not so bad.

Bernie Madoff is adjusting quite well in his new home, according to the Post. Dressed in sweats, dining on fish fillet and macaroni and enjoying his new job at the arts and crafts center engraving doorplates and such – I’d like one of those, autographed by Bernie, and I’d pay good money for it – maybe two bucks? At twelve cents an hour for his labor, figuring an output of maybe ten per hour, this could be a real money maker for the warden – Walt, there may be an opportunity here – why don’t you chat the guy up next time you’re down there visiting Andres?

What I like is the observation by one inmate that Bernie “fits right in here”. What a surprise that a criminal would fit in well with others of his kind.


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2 responses to “See Andres? It’s not so bad.

  1. Inagua

    Andres and Walt aren’t going to prison. The best we can hope for is that a jury award bankrupts them. But since Andres is not a US citizen, and since most of Walt’s money is offshore they might just die rich.

  2. Blind Brook

    Monica is socially ruined but still has the temerity to show up at the Beach Club from which she and Wally were black balled. The forensics are on the Wally money trail, which is why, one hears, there have been no charges. Andres the Columbian would be safer behind bars, trust me. They have their own rules down there. Life Insurance? I don’t think Chubb is interested.