Someone still has money

16 Hurlingham Drive in Conyers Farm (ML# 71487) is reported under contract. Asking price, $13.750 million. I’m curious to see what this moved at. Once owned by Yankee perfect game pitcher David Cone, it’s a very dated house although just 20 years old. Nice ten acre lot, on the pond, but I’d place the house itself in the tear-down category. It sold for $12 million in April 2007, relisted a week later for $12.999 million and sold within a few months for $12.4. But that was 2007. What’s a pondfront lot in Conyers worth today? I’d guess $8.5. We’ll see.


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4 responses to “Someone still has money

  1. cos cobber

    Come on, you’ve got to be chearing the notion that Coney has managed to buy back his home for something under $9m. That would be awesome.

  2. anonymous

    Rather, someone still has dumb money

    >$10MM for a teardown amidst the dubious Conyers crowd?

  3. Wally

    Probably an out of towner, and definitely over $10M. It was not a distress sale (seller is former COO of Lehman and the new CEO of Sears, working for Eddie Lampert of ESL Holdings).