The sun will come out tomorrow ….

330 Sound Beach Ave

330 Sound Beach Ave

Who among us does not love NASCAR or an optimist? You get both here, with a nice little cape offering a front row seat to the daily Race to the Point at a price anyone with faith in the strength of the Greenwich market will look upon in awed admiration. Bought in 2005 for $1.3 million, it’s now priced at $1.7. As we say in the trade, this one won’t last!


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13 responses to “The sun will come out tomorrow ….

  1. Accolay

    What’s the price per sq. foot on this one? $20,000?

  2. alice

    what do you think of 53 Sound Beach coming on the Market at $995K ?

  3. shelton04

    It was actually purchased on 10/12/06 for $1,460,000.

    • christopherfountain

      MLS record says $1.3, direct sale. I can only go on what people report and if that Ruth le Blanc Jones is involved, not even then.

  4. anon1

    That is an ugly, little house. I wouldn’t even pay $250,000.

  5. cos cobber

    This home and that one on the corner of Indian Field and Davis Ave have to be two of the most underwater houses in all of town.

    I wonder just how influential the buyer’s agent, if there was one, was in each transaction….

  6. Anonymous

    You have to drive by the Sound Beach house now, they just gussied it up with shutters, a new front walk and flowers. Your old photo doesn’t do it justices.– maybe not!

  7. Realtor 101,101,101

    That property is a great buy. I agree with you, Chris. You are always so right. That location is tip top. Best of the bunch.

    Greenwich properties always increase in value, never decrease and if they do decrease, then they are always the last to go down and the first to go up.
    They are a great investment, better than any other that you can make.
    Great services, great facilities, excellent schools (despite sending my children to private schools, which by the way, you can’t get in to because you have to know someone very, very important in the school to even get an application form).

    Anyway, where was I ? Oh, yes, do what I say and not what I do.
    If I had received commission this year, then I would have been able to buy it myself.

    Selling my own properties in Greenwich ? Oh, well, gee, ehhr, that isn’t because property in Greenwich isn’t a great investment, if you keep it say, 50 or 60 years, It’s because I want you to have an opportunity to buy. Why should I get to keep all the good ones ?

  8. Interested Resident

    Yup, you said it all right Realtor 101,101,101…that’s the story sold to buyers like me. Live and learn…

  9. cos cobber

    you know, i thought this house was on the stretch between US 1 and Binney Park rather than south of the village. south of the village takes some of the sting out of my earlier comment about most underwater home in town.

    • christopherfountain

      Yeah, Cos Cobber, south of the village has always commanded a premium and will continue to do so, I think. Not this much of a premium, though.

  10. Old School Grump

    Y’know, CF, you can trash talk multi-million-dollar spec houses ’til the cows come home, but I guarantee you nothing — nuttin!! — will astonish out-of-town readers more than linking a house photo like this with an offering price like that. So please stop messing with their heads and let them in on the joke … There’s a bunch ‘o kilos of cocaine in the basement, and a private sandy beach directly out the back door, right? Right?