This horse has left the barn, I hope

Under pressure from Congress, Safety Board withheld study showing hands-free talking on cellphones as distracting as non hands-free. Nothing new here, that data’s been around for years, which is why I’ve railed against Connecticut’s hands-free law. Like most laws passed by politicians, it creates the impression of doing something about a problem while in fact accomplishing nothing.


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5 responses to “This horse has left the barn, I hope

  1. pulled up in OG

    There’s a new App out for the iPhone . . . “Who’s the dumbest guy in town?”

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  2. Anonymous

    Well, I have to disagree…it did, in fact, cause a spike in sales of bluetooth headsets which in turn caused millions of Americans to walk around looking like homeless crazy people who talk to themselves.

  3. Anonymous

    And to which Judge did you express your rallying “against Connecticut’s hands-free law “?

    In England, you get 3 points. 12 and that’s that.

  4. ogrcc

    I bought a bluetooth when I had to go to court and show the judge. Easy way to get out of a fine.

    Alas, I drive fine without the device, and people that are awful drivers are still awful drivers.

    I am talking about the women in their lexuses that don’t have a clue. some men fall into this category, but it is mostly women. There I said it, call me a sexist, but these are the facts and they are undisputable.

  5. Of course. When they’re “facts” garnered through your own intrepid local observation (local meaning whoever happens to be around you at the time), they’re always “undisputable,” aren’t they?