This is getting interesting

6 Guinea Road (Ml # 70327) started its current listing life as a 5,000 sq. ft. house on 2.5 acres asking $3.7 million. That’s not what I or anyone else thought the address commanded but after two years and numerous price cuts, it’s down today to $2.250. The assessed value is $2.261. Why don’t you throw $1.795 at it and see what happens?


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2 responses to “This is getting interesting

  1. Anonymous

    Chris, Will you supply a list of all the homes in foreclosure and pre- forclosure in all of Greenwich? Thanks

  2. Realtor 101,101,101

    I would caution you to refrain from any dealings with vultures such as Anon @1.46pm. It is these kind of readers who are clearly not welcome in the town of Greenwich, and give your blog a bad name.

    We all know that when properties sell at 40% of their true value to realtors, ehr, I mean, vultures, then it undermines the value of our investments.

    Keep up the good work, Mother says that $1.7 would do it.