16 Hurlingham, mentioned just this morning as under contract, has now sold for $12.225 million, just about what was paid for it two years ago ($12.4). I obviously have no grip on the premium people will pay to live in Conyers Farm, because this was a rustic oddball that even I would hesitate to live in and, aside from the pond (which has no dock and presumably can’t have one), had nothing to recommend it. I figured $8.5 and I figured wrong. Gollllyeee!


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4 responses to “Whoa!

  1. Blind Brook

    Gangsters. Not allowed to set foot on the property.

    • christopherfountain

      Who, Blind Brook, the new owners? All these cryptic comments that reek of promise – tell us!

  2. Accolay

    Come on! I’ve seen pictures and the house isn’t that bad. Sure, it isn’t a custom build on Round Hill, but 99% of Greenwich homes aren’t. Was there something wrong with the property (besides age) that isn’t apparent in the photos?

    • christopherfountain

      Nothing wrong with the land itself, Accolay, but I’d have pegged a waterfront lot in Conyers at $10 million two years ago and less now. The house was so very much not my taste that I gave it zero value but I suppose if someone likes it, okay. But if the land is $8.5, was the house worth $4? I don’t think so.