Byram Shore dreams

Attack pidgeons!

Attack pigeons!

Long ago and far away, Byram Shore Road waterfront held the record for the most expensive sale in Greenwich – $23 million, I think. That sale pushed prices skyward and as today’s sale of 238 for $7 million demonstrates, the street still commands hefty prices. But I checked just now and there are 11 properties for sale  from $34 million to $16.3, $9.5, $7.9, $7.4, $6.88, $6.8, $3.95, $3.65, $2.45 and $1.995 (a scrap of land on the heavily polluted Byram River, if you like that sort of thing). Assessed value on all of these is about 1/2 asking price.

One property sold on the street in 2007, another in 2009. That makes for a lot of inventory for one little street, even if it does have nice views. The picture is not of that view, by the way: it’s Bodega Bay, posted for Hitchcock fans.


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4 responses to “Byram Shore dreams

  1. anonymous

    Lots of waterfront inventory, also in Belle Haven on FPC; will be fun to see clearing prices

  2. Lives in the past

    Ugh. Life was much better on Byram Shore Road when the Teagles still had their 12.4 acre property, Jeremiah Milbank had his 11.3 acre property, and the Jennings property, of which you spoke, had the original house on it. I guess it all started when the heirs to the RKO Pictures fortune subdivided and sold off their land. And also whoever subdivided the land on 4.5 acres, two houses away where RKO president Ned Depinet lived.

  3. PoeticJustic

    Those who like Byram on the river are totally ignoring the century of industrial sludge dumped into the river and other pollution sources that make it a cancer cluster waiting to happen. It is fouled despite the daily tidal action and you would have to be out of your mind to live there.

  4. 45 byram is scheduled to close monday for slightly more than 60% of original asking price.