Himes to retire from Congress, run for town Tax Collector

Grand entrance to the Himes Mansion
Grand entrance to the Himes Mansion

In a scoop exclusive to For What It’s Worth and our ace reporter Edgar Martins we can now report that Jim Himes will retire from Congress and ascend to the vacant office of Greenwich Tax Collector. Reached at a Trustee meeting at the prestigious Lawrenceville Academy near Princeton, Himes was eager to explain his decision.

“The pay’s about the same,” Himes told Martins,” except Greenwich has better health benefits, and here’s the deal: I’m getting killed on property taxes. I mean yeah, fifty acres in Cos Cob’s gotta be worth something, especially with the decorating job I did on the house, but come on, it’s still Cos Cob! When I’m in office I’ll whack my assessment and the saving alone will make up for my foregone trips to the Galapagos Islands. Hell, I’ll be able to buy my own private jet to take me there.”
Reached for comment, Riverside resident Scott Frantz again denied any interest in running for Himes’ seat: “Not gonna do it, no way. But he really said that, huh, huh? I gotta go.”


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10 responses to “Himes to retire from Congress, run for town Tax Collector

  1. Stanwich

    Stop putting that awful picture up, you are going to give me a seizure and incure more threats of legal action from the Bravermans and their legal lap dog BJ O’Rookie.

  2. Accolay

    I forgot about this disaster. Maybe they should’ve sentenced Madoff here?

    And you were dissing that Conyers Farm compound. I’m sure you’d take that over this.

  3. ogrcc

    you have a date in court??

    • christopherfountain

      Oh I wish – no, just a little chit cht with the Realtor grievance board. I’m looking forward to it.

  4. cos cobber

    so after you get through the fluff, they basically want to silience you for gathering public facts and opining on the visuals aids because persumably you have impaired the value of their asset.

    I smell RICO!



  6. Retired IB'er

    If it were me, Chris, I would have long ago “counter sued”. Forcing the Bravermans to appear before the equivalent grievance board for interior designers.

  7. Anonymous

    If you have a problem with the realtors in Greenwich, you’d better not publish my earlier comment, posted on a different topic, specifically discussing the motivations of realtors. I respect that you will evaluate the liabilities involved.