Lynnens and things

Your genial sales hosts, Dick and Cathy
Your genial sale hosts, Dick and Cathy

Lehman and Dick Fuld are hosting a giant tag sale of memorabelia on EBay. “We have everything you need to recreate those boisterous days,” Fuld said in a press conference this morning. “Elephant-foot umbrella stands, private label champagne from Harry O’s, key rings and tee shirts. But wait, there’s more! All of Cathy’s bed linens are offered, plus towels, washcloths and guest toothbrushes. There’s no shame at the Fuld household. We did nothing wrong and are proud to say so. Come on down!”


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2 responses to “Lynnens and things

  1. anonymous

    Gotta love Dicky’s cheap, off-the-rack suit, button-down $50 shirt and Hermes tie…the appropriate look of an IQ-challenged bucket shop like Lehman whose outcome speaks for itself

  2. A Friend of the Fulds

    “I feel sick. That’s been his whole life,” said Rep. Livvy Floren, R-149th District, a friend of Fuld. “You know his heart and soul is in that.”

    Floren said Fuld and his wife, Kathleen, have been active members of the community and have generously contributed to groups such as the Greenwich High School PTA and Greenwich Country Day School, where their children spent their early years. They have opened their North Street home to parties for the GHS field hockey team, she said.

    The couple has twin daughters, one of whom went to GHS and the other went to The Taft School, a boarding school in Watertown, and a son who went to Brunswick School in town.

    “I’ve just always found them to be really delightful people, so low-key and unassuming,” said Floren, a former president of the GHS PTA. “I really feel so badly.”

    [Neil Vigdor. Greenwich Time. Greenwich, Conn.: Sep 16, 2008. pg. A.4]