Maybe she’d like to be a real estate agent

Down on her luck stock broker needs a new career. Bess Levin, the funniest blogger out there ( reports on the poor girl’s plight:

Specifically Robin Katz would like to “become a stockbroker at Oppenheimer or Carrington Fox,” but is willing to be flexible. Previous job experience includes working as a financial planner at JPMorgan Chase. As for references, those are going to be slightly difficult to procure, as Katz is kind of in a bad spot with her former employer, on account of creating an extra ATM card in one of her client’s names, and helping herself to like $100,000 or so, starting in 2008 (so over the course of a year, really not that much and the guy only noticed a month ago, prompting Big K to hightail it back to her family’s house for a medical emergency in California). Hobbies, as you can see, seemingly include baking, as well as “shopping and going out.” The Post, I think, I’m not sure, but I think is trying to suggest to us that Katz is something of a harlot (“…on her my space page, her interests include: “Politics: F– Bush. Sex: F– Me.” Several photos show her skydiving, playing in a zero-gravity simulator and posing alluringly in a tight, low-cut top with her hands behind her head.”) but that’s all hearsay and speculation. Anyway, if anyone’s interested, a signing bonus or advance could really be useful at this time, as Rob is currently held on $50,000 bail at Rikers Island.


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6 responses to “Maybe she’d like to be a real estate agent

  1. ogrcc

    Seems like she fits right in with the “investment banking” crowd

    only thing she lacked was intelligence in allowing herself to get caught

  2. ogrcc

    the lack of inteligence indicates to me she would be ideal for real estate

    the sleeze factor and/or stealing from her clients indicates that she would be a good canidate for an investment banking or HF firm

    • christopherfountain

      She could take law classes in Rikers, as i did, and be equiped for almost any profession, including the world’s oldest.

  3. Old School Grump

    This story just doesn’t compute. Think about the “client” who both accepts such a young manager on a sizeable account and also goes a year without noticing an accumulated $110,000 in withdrawals. Methinks, best case, it is a lazy or stupid client, acting in a fiduciary capacity for someone he or she doesn’t particularly care about; worst case, this client was in cahoots with Ms Katz (perhaps drawn to her MySpace visuals, which apparently just scream “analytical skills”) but then turned against her. Please keep us posted on the story as it unfolds. Next chapter: who posts bail?

  4. Anonymous

    OSG nailed it.

    Pissed off former suger daddy? Side chica who promised to cut up the card when it was over but didn’t? (Seriously, if you’re gonna get some on the side, WTF do you give her direct access to your cash? She’s not that hot.) Unless she’s the latest Dent ho?

    Which would explain a LOT.