Wisdom from Dealbreaker

These guys should be in Washington and probably will be.

California Math

Posted by Greg Michaels, Jul 21, 2009, 2:54pm

Only in the state that brought you La La Land would the fiscal math that was likely used to put California into a budget crisis be credited with solving it. When a $26 billion problem is solved with $15 billion in cuts and $11 billion in fuzzy math and aggressive rounding error, there are likely to be some problems down the road. If this is the standard for successful fiscal management in the Golden State, the next series of IOUs cannot be far behind.


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4 responses to “Wisdom from Dealbreaker

  1. anonymous

    Actually would like to see a violent confrontation in both CA and NYC re: public employee comp/pensions/staffing and taxation of the top 1% of earners….enormous waste/corruption of the welfare state is obvious

    Both CA and NYC would be better places w/o millions of economic underachievers who belong in some cheap SunBelt place doing back-office, gvt, tourism or retailing work…and to have other states offer more lucrative welfare payments for the millions of chronic welfare careerists to migrate out of CA and NYC, which need <5MM people (in total) to run the world's tech and finance industries….the inevitable physical dislocations of an IQ-based, Net/Berry-centric economy

  2. Anonymous

    I’m glad you to see you appreciate Mr. Michael’s comments, they seem to be disregarded at DB but I find him quietly witty.

    Sorry to be off topic but I was just reviewing the recovery.gov site and noticed that there seem to be a number of large bubbles (funds spent) on the East Coast, with ~3-5 large bubbles on the West Coast. Most of those appear in the LA/SD area which makes sense since those are major shipping points, the one (big bubble that includes smaller grants) that makes me go hmmm, again, appears in SF. There are a couple of minor grants (~75-80k each) but there are 3-4 that add up to ~$10M for the Del Monte Co (Which makes it the big NorCal bubble).

    I seem to remember you associating that company with a certain prominently botoxed senior Congresswoman?

    I doubt that the focus will hold on my link, but it’s there, no matter how hard the gov’t works to obscure that yellow/orange bubble by showing major arterial streets in the same color. It’s also a little bit sickening how small the bubble gets the closer you close in on it.

    By the way, if you push the focus out further (other side of the bay), you’ll find the other ~$1M in recovery grants to Del Monte.

    Brava Madam Pelosi! Prima famiglia! fornicare contribuenti.

  3. Anonymous

    Actually, anonymous
    July 21, 2009 at 4:45 pm,

    We’d kind of like to repatratiate them all back to their city/state/country of origin, but we’re not allowed.

    If I could remember where I saw it, I’d point you toward an Illinois couple who lost their jobs and moved to Ca. after their home was foreclosed back in Illinois. I have no idea whether or not it’s a true story, but I can assure you that the tale came out over many postings.

    I blame our weather and our generous benefits.

    Too bad they’re both killing the working population. We can’t handle all of your castoffs.

  4. fred

    violent confrontation??
    becareful what you wish for.