NYT fact check: Obama’s health care claims aren’t true

What? That’s certainly news to me!

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One response to “NYT fact check: Obama’s health care claims aren’t true

  1. Walt

    Weasel Boy –
    Didn’t you read my last post on redundancy before you put this up? Duh.
    A politicians claims are not true?? The sky is blue. Real estate agents lie. Dude, even you can do better than this.
    But lets assess where we are. Nationalization of health care puts 20% of the economy under control of the Fed’s. He has already taken over the banks, insurance, and major manufacturing (GE, GM, Chrysler)
    And the President, on TV, fired the previous GM CEO. Think about that. ALL CEO’s are in line right now. He is the first President to EVER do anything like that. BEFORE they took any money from the Fed’s, so he, in theory, broke the law. But heck, he makes the law. Just like Bernie made the rules. It’s his way or the highway.
    And the marginal tax rate, if you are “highly compensated” (that would be me, not you) is 56%.
    So, now your doctor will have to check with a Federally run health care board to get approval of what he can do to you. And they can say no. And they will.
    So that head transplant you were thinking about? Get it NOW, my friend. And learn how to goose step.
    Your Pal,
    On the head transplant. You want me to talk to Poppa Joe and see if MJ’s is available? For the right price, I know he sells. And that whole MJ look would would fit you. Hey (HAY!!) anything is a step up, right? Especially when you put on the dress. Let me know.