When does 175 Round Hill Road hit the market?

Madoff trustee Picard in settlement talks with Fairfield Greenwich Group. As noted earlier today, Noel’s Fairfield Sentry Fund was dissolved yesterdayin the British Virgin Island, Attorney Boies is just one of dozens of lawyers clawing their way up the road to Walter’s house and, all in all, things look bleak for Walter and the Fabulous Five. Will they discover that “tomorrow is another day”? Will they have to leave Tara? Tune in, as the world turns.


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6 responses to “When does 175 Round Hill Road hit the market?

  1. Blind Brook

    Let’s not forget the Brazilian Swiss Monica travelled to Brazil, Switzerland, Mexico, etc. after the scandal broke. Follow the airline tickets, Feds. The only reason 175 will come up for sale is if the Noel’s homestead in Palm Beach, another venue for being black balled. Maybe the McCloys will take them as guests?

  2. Fake Walt

    The feds cannot touch my Palm Beach estate as it is protected under the Homestead Act.

    Off to Playa Del carmen

    Kind Regards,

    Fake Walt

  3. Walt

    Dude –
    What is it that you are smoking? Settlement talks. That means we resolve it. No harm, no foul. Plus, can you spell D&O? As in insurance? Fully covered, my commission deprived friend.
    And the filly’s are just fine. Thanks for asking.
    Your Pal,

  4. '73Refugee

    Walt, sorry to be rude, but your D&O limit won’t even cover a fractional penny on the dollars you owe.

    • christopherfountain

      ’73, shhh! Don’t disurb poor Walt. He’s dozing in his backyard by the pool, dreaming of a comeback and the hefty $7.5 billion errors and omissions check coming his way to keep him and the Filly(ie)s in hay.

  5. Jessica From Brooklyn

    Hmmm – Ruth Madoff got $2.5 million. How long could Walt and the girls last on that?