Another builder dodges a bullet

30 Nearwater

30 Nearwater

This spec house in the PELINOPOR* district of Riverside was originally listed for $3.195 million but even with price cuts, I didn’t think the developer was going to walk away with his shirt intact. Nothing in this area had sold for even close to $2 million and I doubted that this was the house to break that record. But then a few weeks ago 8 Loading Rock, just down the street and hugely discounted from it’s own stupid price of $3.695, sold for $2.350. That must have inspired the Gods because they sent a buyer to this one and it has now sold for $2.415. Wow. Out of town broker, or need I point that out?

*people living north of Post Road


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8 responses to “Another builder dodges a bullet

  1. Cos Cobber

    Once again this proves you intown brokers stink at selling homes (buying homes is a whole ‘nother kettle of fish). I’m going with someone from NYC when I am ready to list and local brokers are uninvited to tour the home.

  2. anon

    Is Nearwater Ln close to Nearturnpike Dr?

  3. anonymous

    First there was Soho, then came Nopo.

  4. Oldie But Goodie

    I realize local brokers occasionally “act stupidly” (I may or may not apologize later for that remark), but to use someone from out of town, priceless.

  5. J

    Admit it Chris; people want to move north of the post road away from the swamps

  6. I prefer SOVI for “South of the Village”

  7. Anonymous

    I like the new terminology. Adds clarity without condescending explanation.

    The agent was clearly a relocation agent, worse sharks than the Greenwich fulltimers.

  8. Accolay

    Well there’s PELINOPOR and SOVI…

    Mid country should be “MC” Hammer because the rest of Greenwich “can’t touch this” section of town!