GreenwichTime – give it time, it’ll get the story

A week after you read it here, Greenwich Time has discovered that the contractors for the YMCA disaster have walked off the job and liened it. I won’t gloat; I have the advantage in living and working from town instead of trying to run a local paper from Bridgeport.


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4 responses to “GreenwichTime – give it time, it’ll get the story

  1. Anonymous

    At least they can’t get upset by your comments if they are the one individual in the Tri-state and beyond who doesn’t follow your blog closely.

    Have you thought of setting up a proper paper that would actually sell? You could call it The Greenwich Cutty Sark.

    In case you are wondering the Cutty Sark doen’t refer to your demeanour but is a famous Sailing ship resting in Greenwich, London. A tourist attraction but at present in a state of restoration after a little incident a couple of years ago.

  2. Stump

    And the Time still thinks the director’s name is Fretty Rebecca. They don’t even bother to check such an odd-sounding formulation.

  3. ches

    I’ve been a member since the day I moved to Town 17 years ago, and concur that it was a dump, but at least it was a Townie dump. Now it seems that at least 50% of the license plates in that underground dungeon, where parking has become a competitive sport, come from out of state. Makes me think, who are these people? Why are they here? I do believe the great State of CT came up with some of the funds. So maybe leave us some room.

  4. Anonymous

    If they are out of state, are they commuters getting into town and join the Y so they can get free parking ?
    Why don’t you check it out and campaign for a two hourly parking maximum?
    It may raise funds to pay the lien. You are the ‘proper’ member and deserve to enjoy it. I can’t stand the crafty, I’d rather ‘suffer fools’.