Here’s a boost for open immigration

Eight-year-old girl raped by four boys. Her father blames her, doesn’t want her back. Fresh from Liberia, it seems, where this is the controlling ethos, but why are they here?


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5 responses to “Here’s a boost for open immigration

  1. Mouse

    Why are they here? You know the answer.

    They are here because the Democrats want them here. The more clueless and illegal immigrants pouring onto our shores, the better it is for the dems who pander to these creatures: all they care about is votes.

    Votes, votes, votes! More votes from those who pay no taxes at all than from those who do. This is the socialist constituency that the dems are currently cultivating.

  2. I try to think

    Unfortunately, there is a bipartisan consensus between the lefty side of the democrats (not those representing what is left of blue collar districts) and big business republicans that supports open immigration. If you don’t believe me read “The Economist” magazine, bible of the Wall Street republican side of the party. They frequently write in support of immigration. Its good for business. Cheap labor, customers for Mc Donalds, Walmart, etc.

  3. round hill babe

    Hey!Anyone who lives in Greenwich knows that the important Republicans are the rich ones because they do the heavy duty fund raising (in return for “access” and somtimes an ambasssadorship or other appointed positions). Rich Republicans support liberal immigration, I know it because I’ve been to their homes and they employ lots and lots of immigrants! Nanny 1, Nanny 2, cook, maid, etc, do you think they are all native born Americans? Look around back country Greenwich any weekday, the white men, and many of the women have gone to work in New York and the place is filled with Mexican landscaping crews, Columbian maids, construction workers from god knows where. Republicans are not anti-immigration, gimme a break, they only pretend to be when they are talking to lower middle class whites.

  4. Cos Cobber

    The debate on immigration is really about flow. The spigot has been wide open for a decade now pushing our percentage of foreign born to match high water marks from the 1900s. We need immigration, it helps our economy in many ways. The challenge is in maintaining a flow that doesn’t sink the ship – so to speak. If too many pile onto the boat faster than we can build the boat, the boat sinks. I think our recent immigration flow has pushed those limits. I don’t want to close the borders, but we do need more organization to the process, we do need to throttle it back a bit.

  5. anon1

    I just feel so sorry for that violated, little girl. What a tragic story.